Life Science

OCI Holdings aims to become a leading global player in the life science business with the acquisition and development (A&D) of specialized leading technologies.

Life Science

We intend to accelerate advancement into the biopharmaceutical sector with a strategic approach to explore future growth potential.

We launched our bio business in 2018 to develop innovative new drugs and treatments based on global partnerships with advanced biotechnology companies and investors.

We are making investments in promising biotech ventures with next-generation cancer diagnosis and anti-cancer treatment pipelines and have achieved tangible results.

In February 2022, we secured the position of the largest shareholder in Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a leading R&D-centric pharmaceutical company in Korea, and are now operating under a joint management structure.

CompanyMajor projectsInvestment amountAchievements
Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Korea)A fully integrated biopharmaceutical companyKRW 146.1 billionSOL-804
(prostate cancer medicine)
clinical trial phase 1 completed
SN BioScience
targeted drug delivery system
KRW 5 billionSNB-101
(pancreatic cancer drug)
Clinical trial phase 1,
USA, Korea
recombinant protein
KRW 5 billionPB101
(new cancer therapy candidates)
The pre-clinical phase started
Adicet* (USA)Allogenic
cancer immunology cell therapy
7.8 million
CAR-T** therapy
interim results of the clinical
trial phase 1 announced
Nucleix (Israel)Early diagnosis of cancerUSD
5.5 million
CE certification and sale
in Europe of a diagnostic kit
to test bladder cancer,
approval underway, R&D
on lung cancer
diagnostic kit
Synergy fund (Korea)Bio ventures in
new drug and medical device
KRW 3 billion

* Adicet : listed on NASDAQ in September 2020 as Adicet Bio after merger with resTORbio, a bio company listed on NASDAQ
** CAR-T: Allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cells

R&D in pharmaceuticals

Global network establishment and new drug pipeline development

반도체용 폴리실리콘
Production of pharmaceuticals

Commercializing bioproducts at home and abroad, CMO

의약품 연구 개발
Business marketing

Building solid partnerships, strategic response to markets

의약품 연구 개발
Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Using an open innovation model for new drug development through strategic investment and collaboration with external partners, Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. has expanded the range of its drug development pipelines focusing on brain disorder treatments and anticancer drugs. The company has built global partnerships with more than 30 overseas pharmaceutical companies.
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