Leading future changes in various business sectors
including chemicals, energy, bio industry, urban development, and IT.

OCI Holdings was inaugurated in May 2023 as a holding company with the aim to enhance the transparency of corporate governance and corporate value. OCI Holdings is dedicated to enhancing competitiveness by building a governance framework that enables subsidiaries to make rapid and professional decisions commensurate with their business features.

OCI Holdings

OCI Holdings is a chemical business company established in May 2023 by spinning off the chemical sector among the businesses of OCI Holdings. OCI produces and distributes basic chemical products and various materials for semiconductor and batteries to domestic and international customers. OCI aims to consolidate its position as a global semiconductor material company with the production of high-quality polysilicon for semiconductors, and to explore new markets through technological diversification such as high softening point pitch (HSPP) for anode materials and conductive additives for high voltage wires and rechargeable batteries.

OCI Company Ltd.

OCI SE operates a 303 MW cogeneration plant on a approx. 165,000 m² (50,000 pyeong) site in the Saemangeum Industrial Complex. The plant was built with the Best Available Techniques (BAT) and an investment of KRW 1 trillion, and started commercial production in April 2016. OCI SE supplies high quality energy at competitive prices with the optimization of energy efficiency.

OCI SE Co., Ltd.

OCI Power, founded in 2012, specializes in solar PV projects in Korea. It has extensive experience by participating as a private investor in 20 MW solar PV plants in Seoul, Gunsan, and Gwangyang. OCI Power provides a total service from project development or taking over developed projects to financing and the construction and operational management of solar PV projects.

OCI Power Co., Ltd.

OCI Information & Communication has grown into a top-class IT service company with the experience and technology it has accumulated since its establishment in 1997. The company provides operations consulting and IT education tailored to customer needs based on its years of experience in ERP establishment. It also enhances the utilization of hardware and software, offers advanced facilities and security technology, and builds the complete infrastructure of information and communication.

OCI Information & Communication Co., Ltd.

OCI Dream is a subsidiary-type standard workplace dedicated to providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. By offering meaningful jobs, we aim to help them achieve financial independence, thereby contributing to the creation of positive social values. Since August 2019, OCI Dream has operated in four areas: clerical support, asset management, dining business and cultural projects.

OCI Dream Co., Ltd.

DCRE is managing the redevelopment of the site of our former Incheon plant. It has launched a large-scale urban development project called City Ociel in Incheon’s Yonghyeon-Hagik District’s Block 1. This is an urban development project to build 13,000 residential units and large-scale commercial and business facilities in an area of approx. 1.55 M m² (470,000 pyeong). With the first phase of lot sales made in the first half of 2021, construction and occupancy will be completed by 2027.

DCRE Co., Ltd.

OCI-Ferro was established as a joint corporation by OCI Company Ltd and Ferro Corp. of the U.S. OCI-Ferro specializes in ceramic materials. The company imports and sells ceramic frit for architectural and industrial use and black enamel and silver paste used in cars. OCI-Ferro supplies quality products through continuous R&D and strict quality control. It develops new products and provides total solutions in collaboration with the R&D center of its partner to respond to tile and ceramic industry trends in Korea.


OCI Specialty supplies core materials of the green energy industry such as polysilicon slim rods and solar photovoltaic wafers. Based on innovations and R&D, OCI Specialty strives to establish leadership in the global green energy material industry.

OCI Specialty Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1960, Bukwang Pharmaceutical is specialized in R&D, production, and marketing of drugs with a particular focus on R&D. With an open innovation model to develop new drugs through strategic investment and cooperation with external partners, the company has expanded drug development pipelines centered on the treatment of brain diseases (central nervous system) and anticancer drugs, and maintains global partnerships with over 30 overseas pharmaceutical firms.

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.