We strive to earn the trust of shareholders, customers, members and suppliers by establishing sound and robust governance.

Governance Management Strategy
Strategic DirectionSustainable Growth

We continue to create sustainable growth

Focus Areas
Advancement of Governance Structure

Enhancing risk management governance and advancing board excellence through improving board diversity, board evaluations, and compensation systems

Ethics and Compliance Management

Enhancing ethical and compliance management and risk management systems, while overseeing ethical and compliance performance

OCI Holdings is dedicated to earning the trust of customers and fulfills corporate social responsibility with the best technology and products as a global green energy and chemical company. To this end, OCI Holdings enacted the OCI Holdings Corporate Governance Charter and pledges to protect the rights and interests of its stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, members and community.

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To maintain management stability and continuity and minimize uncertainty such as a management vacuum, OCI Holdings has established and manages a succession policy and cultivates candidates for representative director.

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Comparison with the Code of Best Practices for Corporate Governance

Code of Best Practices recommendationsAdoption by OCI HoldingsRemark
Enactment of employee code of ethicsOEnacted Code of Ethics for Employees (January 1, 2005)
Composition of the Board of Directors (outside directors as majority)OAs of 2024, 66.7% (Four of Six Directors)
Convening the Board of Directors regularlyOConvening the Board of Directors once a month
Cumulative votingX-
Vote in writingX-
E-votingXIntroduced in the 48th annual general shareholders' meeting of shareholders by the resolution of the Board of Directors.
Provision of information on directors prior to the convening of the Board of DirectorsOAgendas are distributed three days before the Board of Directors meeting
Disclosure of details of activities, attendance rate, and voting results on major agendas at the Board of DirectorsOPost business reports, quarterly and semi-annual reports, and governance report on the website
Installation of specialized committees under the Board of DirectorsOOutside Director Nomination Committee, Audit Committee, Management Committee, Remuneration Committee, Internal Trading Committee, ESG Committee
Enactment of regulation for the operation of the Board of DirectorsOEnacted regulation on the Board of Directors (January 1, 1967)
Enactment of regulation on the operation of committeesOEnacted regulations on the operation of the Outside Director Nomination Committee, Audit Committee, Management Committee, and Remuneration Committee (March 5, 2008) Enacted regulations on the operation of the Internal Trading Committee (March 26, 2019) and ESG Committee (July 28, 2021)
Independence of outside directorsOPersons who have eligibility pursuant to the Commercial Act are nominated as candidates for outside director by the Outside Director Nomination Committee. Elected by the general meeting of shareholders
Purchase of insurance for directors at company expenseOPurchased liability insurance for all registered officers
Composition of Audit Committee (all outside directors)O-
Certification of the correctness of business reportsOConfirmed by the representative director and responsible officers
Analysis of differences with Code of Best PracticesOPost on the OCI Holdings website

Ethical conduct of employees

OCI Holdings carries out ethical management as an enterprise respected by shareholders, customers and employees. The company enacted and proclaimed the Code of Ethics for Employees in October 2014 and encourages employees to perform tasks in a transparent, fair and rational manner.

The Code of Ethics for Employees presents our detailed code of conduct regarding responsibilities and obligations for customers and shareholders, fair performance of duties, protection of company assets and information protection, sound life at work and the society, and contributions to the nation and society.

All employees of OCI Group try to practice ethical management by strictly observing the Code of Ethics, and we plan to expand our ethical management to our subsidiaries and suppliers. OCI Group will continue to strive to be a trusted and respected company by stakeholders by consistently carrying out ethical management.

Code of Ethics for Employees