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OCI Holdings conducts biodiversity conservation campaign with employees


- May 20 to 26 was designated as OCI Biodiversity Conservation Week for all OCI Group affiliates.

- Various events such as online education, a river exploration competition, and an endangered species exhibition were held with the participation of employees.

- OCI Holdings plans to conduct professional ESG activities, not only for corporate social contribution.


OCI Holdings announced on May 28 that it had designated a week from May 20 as “2024 OCI Biodiversity Conservation Week” and held various educational and cultural events, such as biodiversity conservation education, a river exploration competition and an endangered species exhibition with the participation of the employees of all affiliates and their families. 

The campaign is part of OCI Holdings’ ESG efforts launched last year with the aim of raising awareness among its stakeholders at home and abroad about biodiversity preservation, which has recently emerged as a global topic along with climate change.

Last December, around 80 participants, including employees, their families and local residents, gathered in Gunsan, OCI Group’s largest domestic site, to attend a lecture by Prof. Kim Yeong-sik from the Department of Marine Biological Resources & Aquaculture of Kunsan National University and to participate in marine biodiversity preservation experiential activities tailored to local conditions, such as seawater analysis and wild bird observation.

This year, biodiversity protection education was provided online to all employees and, as a biodiversity protection and exploration event on May 25. About 100 participants including employees with children in elementary school and Incheon citizens visited Jangsucheon Stream, an ecological river in Incheon where OCI Group started. 

The participants walked along an ecological trail along the stream and observed the local ecological environment with birds, fish and insects while listening to an environmental educator.

In addition, from May 20 to 25, OCI Holdings hosted an exhibition on endangered species, “Which animal do you like?” by Sin Su-seong, an artist with developmental disabilities who paints animals, at the Professors’ Center on Incheon University’s Songdo campus under the supervision of the OCI Museum of Art and the university’s Sculpture Institute. 

The exhibition featured more than 50 paintings of endangered species around the world, such as the Malayan sun bear, white-handed gibbon, and American bison, which live near OCI Group’s overseas sites in Malaysia, the United States and China, and raised awareness among employee families and citizens about animals threatened by severe climate change.

OCI Holdings Chairman Woo Hyun Lee said, “Nowadays, more specialized ESG activities need to be carried out in line with global trends, such as carbon neutrality and biodiversity, as well as corporate social responsibility that enhances the social reputation of companies. OCI Holdings will make transparent and efficient ESG management an important criterion for group management with its vision of “Making Sustainability Possible.”

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