Believing that social responsibility is the cornerstone of corporate management, all of our employees are committed to ensuring workplace safety and health, protecting human rights, and building a sustainable supply chain.

Human Rights Policy

OCI Holdings is committed to respecting the human rights of employees. Based on corporate culture of mutual respect and trust, the company prohibits unfair work orders that violate laws and corporate regulations, improves the lives of employees with proper rewards and a welfare system, and protects employee’ privacy.

Furthermore, we value the human rights of customers and suppliers and members of local communities, and strive to observe labor and human rights-related laws in all countries and regions in which we operate. We oppose all kinds of discrimination, ban child labor and forced labor that violates regulations, and operate a communication channel to address issues related to this.

We included its commitment to respect for human rights in its Human Rights Policy, openly endorsed global standards and norms presented by the ILO and United Nations and other international organizations, and vowed to fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights in its business conduct.

OCI Holdings Human Rights Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Management System

We build a safety and health management system and strengthen company-wide safety and health management capabilities through education at each site. We establish a systematic plan for safety culture improvement and fully understand the effectiveness of the related programs for growth.

Occupational Safety and Health Awareness Training Program

We conduct occupational safety and health training for our employees and suppliers. We use external professional institutions to offer specialized courses in process safety management and health management in addition to in-house courses in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We conduct serious accident prevention and risk perception training, risk prediction training, and industrial accident response training for managers and supervisors.

Educational activitiesEducation content
Safety and health education in groups
Safety and health education by department
Safety and health education for suppliers
Special safety and health education
Process safety education
Education tailored to sites and departments
Risk assessment and practice
Learning incident cases of other sites and competitors
Repeat learning on guides and procedures
How to respond to emergency
Material safety data sheet
Collective safety and health education for work environment and health management, etc.
Safety and health education by department
Safety and health education for suppliers

Operating Safety Technology Committee

The Safety Technology Committee, which comprises specialists in environmental safety, production and government affairs, conducts technical reviews to determine whether to operate plants and the content of work for workplace safety when problems are detected during process operation.

Ensuring safety during overseas business trips

To prevent and respond to accidents during overseas business trips, OCI distributes a safety card for overseas travelers that contains phrases for emergency assistance in languages of regions for business trips, phone numbers for ambulances, and emergency communication networks of overseas employees.

SH&E Leaders Workshop

To bolster communication related to the environment, safety and health, OCI holds SH&E Leaders workshops regularly for the managers and staff in charge of SH&E management. The workshop is designed to improve SH&E tasks by sharing related issues and cases.