Fine chemical materials

Building on the robust growth of its basic chemical materials projects,
OCI Holdings is taking a new step into the semiconductor and rechargeable battery materials sector.

Fine chemical materials

The company is expanding its business into various semiconductors and advanced materials. These include polysilicon and high purity phosphoric acid, which are core materials for semiconductor wafers. Additionally, the company is strengthening its product competitiveness in materials for rechargeable batteries, a key sector in the next-generation advanced industry.

The new chemical company OCI produces a variety of products in the basic chemical and carbon materials sectors. OCI Holdings will become a leading global chemical materials company by expanding its business areas to semiconductors and rechargeable battery materials.

Semiconductors and advanced materials

OCI supplies products and materials for five out of the eight essential semiconductor processes. It is developing technology in precursors and specialty etchants to extend its range of semiconductor materials.

  • 반도체용 폴리실리콘

    Electronic-grade polysilicon

  • 인산

    Phosphoric acid

  • 과산화수소

    Hydrogen peroxide

The eight essential semiconductor processes
  • 1. 웨이퍼 제조 공정

    1. Wafer

    * Electronic-grade

  • 1. 웨이퍼 제조 공정

    2. Oxidation

    * Chlor alkali, hydrogen peroxide

  • 3. 포토 공정

    3. Photolithography

    * Hydrogen peroxide

  • 4. 식각 공정

    4. Etching

    * Chlor alkali, phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, fumed silica

  • 5. 증착&이온주입 공정

    5. Deposition and ion

    * Hexachlorodisilane

  • 6. 금속배선 공정

    6. Metal wiring

  • 7. EDS 공정

    7. EDS (Electrical Die Sorting)

  • 8. 패키징 공정

    8. Packaging

Rechargeable battery materials

OCI plans to produce high softening point pitch (HSPP), a core material for rechargeable battery anode material and silane (SiH4), a silicon-based anode material, to gain a competitive edge in battery materials.

  • 고연화점 피치

    High softening point pitch

  • SiH4


Since being established in 1959, OCI has produced a variety of chemical products for more than six decades, leading the nation’s chemical industry. OCI, having recently undergone a restructuring by separating its chemical sector for a new establishment in May 2023, is expanding its business into the advanced chemical sector.
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