By establishing an eco-friendly management system OCI Holdings responds to climate change and leads a sustainable future.

OCI Holdings operates an environmental management system certified by an external institution, observes laws and other requirements, and strives to establish a world-class environmental management. We assess environmental elements through environmental impact assessment, establish a plan to deal with environmental impacts that require management, and improve environmental health and safety management.

Global Environmental Management
Strategic Direction
  • Climate change responses
  • Hazardous chemical substances management
  • Waste management
  • SH&E management
  • Operation of eco-friendly sites
Strategic GoalsGlobal StandardClimate ChangePollution PreventionWaste Reduction
Strategic Tasks
  • Maintain eco-friendliness certification (ISO 14001, etc.)
  • 2025 GHG Master Plan
  • Reduce energy use and GHG emissions by site
  • Minimize soil, water and air pollutants
  • Implement pollutant reduction by site
  • Conduct activities for waste reduction and recycling

System Establishment

OCI Holdings has introduced and operated the Chemical Management System (CMS) since June 2019 to respond to related to chemical management.

CMS computerizes the entire process from procurement to use and disposal of chemicals by type and integrates a procurement management system for 15,500 chemicals. Previously, different departments were responsible for the procurement and management of chemicals, making integrated management difficult.

But safety and efficiency increased after the introduction of the CMS because procurement and management were done simultaneously. OCI Holdings will proactively respond to regulations on chemicals with the CMS.

Biodiversity and forest protection activities

We recognize the value of biodiversity and the importance of ecosystem conservation. We carry out various activities such as planting trees, making flowery roads, and collecting garbage to protect biodiversity by preventing the loss of natural habitats and deforestation and ensure environmentally sustainable development.

Policy on biodiversity protection and deforestation prohibition

Water resource management

We recognize the importance of water resources for the sustainable environmental conservation and establish policies for water resource management.

Water resource management