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From the key materials of solar PV projects to solar PV projects,
OCI Holdings envisions a better future with sustainable technology.

Solar-grade Polysilicon

Polysilicon is a core material at the front of the solar PV value chain leading to solar PV projects consisting of ingots, wafers, cells, modules, etc.
OCI produces ultrapure polysilicon of 10-Nines grade (99.999999999% purity) for solar solar PV Projects projects.

In 2008, OCI succeeded in the commercial production of polysilicon, which had only been possible in a few companies in Europe, United States and Japan. Currently, the affiliate OCIMSB produces solar PV polysilicon with an annual capacity of 35,000MT, and plans to increase the capacity by 30,000MT in five years.

OCIMSB production target

Value Chain

  • 폴리실리콘


  • 잉곳


  • 웨이퍼


  • 셀

    Solar cell

  • 모듈

    Solar module

  • 태양광 발전

    PV System

  • 청정 수력 발전 기반 친환경 폴리실리콘 생산

    Low-carbon Polysilicon using Hydroelectric Power

    Producing low-carbon polysilicon using eco-friendly hydroelectric power generation

  • 최고 수준의 원가경쟁력 및 품질 보유

    Top class in Cost Competitiveness & Quality

    Producing high-performance solar-grade polysilicon with production efficiency and debottlenecking


The subsidiary OCIMSB, is located in the Samalaju Industrial Park in Sarawak, Malaysia. OCIMSB produces polysilicon in a way that leaves no carbon footprint by using green energy from hydroelectric generation, which generates little greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking ahead, OCIMSB is now leveraging the many advantages of its strategic location into business fields beyond polysilicon, securing growth engines through large-scale investments.

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