Introduction to CI

The CI of OCI Holdings visualizes the image of a “Window to Tomorrow” that marches towards tomorrow based on the trust as a chemical company accumulated over six decades.

It was developed as a wordmark combined with the OCI logo. Based on the motif of a “Window to Tomorrow” represented by the shape of the letter “i” in the OCI logo, it describes our commitment to moving forward and continuously growing in the world.

The logotype is an important element that conveys the image of OCI Holdings along with the corporate logo (CI). The size of each letter was adjusted in proportion to its shape. The arbitrary adjustment of the font shape, weight and proportion is strictly prohibited.

가로형 OCI 로고
세로형 OCI 로고

Color is an important element in image-building. Since the use of colors beyond regulations may distort the corporate image of OCI Holdings and reduces communication effect, extreme care is needed. CI color is arranged to ensure that CMYK mode used for printing and RGB for digital work can be displayed effectively in each medium. Caution is needed in using them.

Main color
  • OCI Holdings Red
    CMYK 5/100/90/0 RGB 255/0/0HEX #F4020C
  • OCI Holdings Gray
    CMYK 19/2/0/61RGB 104/118/131HEX #687683
  • OCI Holdings Black
    CMYK 100/100/100/100RGB 0/0/0HEX #000000