OCI Holdings has established a strategic and decision-making framework for ESG management across the entire organization.

OCI Holdings' ESG Vision

Making Sustainability Possible

Based on its ESG vision "Making Sustainability Possible", OCI Holdings has established the ESG strategic framework that integrates the future growth and the ESG management of its subsidiaries under the holding company system. OCI Holdings has also organized the ESG tasks and the roadmap to implement these tasks for its each subsidiary.

Strategic System

  • OCI Holdings’ ESG vision “Making Sustainability Possible” has been established to express the group’s ESG commitments and ambitions
  • 8 ESG focus areas have been selected under the new OCI Holdings ESG strategy framework, along with major ESG tasks and implementation roadmap for each subsidiary
  • OCI Holdings will continue to advance its ESG managment framework and internalize ESG policies within of its sudsidiaries

Strategic Direction and Focus Areas

EnvironmentGreen Innovation

We materilze sustainability through eco-friendly innovation


We materialize sustainability through our respect for humanity

GovernanceSustainable Growth

We continue to create sustainable growth

  • Climate Change Management
  • Environmental Impact Management
  • Eco-Friendly Products&Investment
  • Human Rights Promotion& Human Resources Development
  • Business Safety and Health Enhancement
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Governance Enhancement
  • Ethics and Compliance Management

Under the guidance of OCI Holdings, a comprehensive management framework has been developed for all OCI entities to address ESG risks and facilitate effective decision-making processes. This framework serves as the foundation for the generation and management of ESG performance, as well as for fostering communication both internally and externally across OC Holdings and its entire suite of entities.